A little about Me

My name is Alanna Moore and I am a fourth year student at the University of Florida. I will be graduating in Fall 2019. I am getting a degree in telecommunications, but I also have a passion for photography. I have been blessed with the opportunity to learn so much from my amazing college and am eager to carry what I learned into the real world.

I made this blog for a class and I chose photography as my topic because I love to capture fun moments or do photoshoots with my friends. I want to get into more nature photography, but I still have a lot to learn for that.

I have a Facebook page for my blog and I also have an Instagram for my photos I take as well. I need to be more active with my social media presences because I feel like that would help me grow as an established photographer.

This blog has been a place for me to write about the knowledge I gather as a growing photographer and I cannot wait to grow even more.

Published by alannafmoore

follower of God / university of florida student / avid Netflix watcher

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